About Mands…

Hi… I’m Mands. I’ve just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Gastric Cancer and this is a detailed description of my cancer journey.

This is my cancer journey – my way…

I don’t have all the answers… I can’t tell you how to get through this life-changing journey… All I can do is tell you how I’m getting through it.

I’m not here to give advice, give you all the details or play doctor. I’m here to tell you a story… my story. My aim is to vent, discuss, expose, give and get support and hopefully, inspire.

It’s about the journey… how it feels, what goes on in my head, in my life.

It’s about the process… What I’m doing, how it’s going, what happens next.

I don’t promise that I’ll be right, I don’t guarantee that everything I say will make sense, It may not always be happy and light and fluffy but it will always, always be real!

I could use all the inspiration and motivation I can get so please, feel free to comment, follow and give me feedback. I don’t want to go at this journey alone so please, travel with me.